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May 10, 2011


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You've been living a truly creative life. Go, you!


Love the schemeing eyes baby picture! :D

Vanessa Johanning

Its Perfect for you!! ... Now fill it in!! Be fearless!!! xxoo



As a shy person myself, I know that making new friends can be difficult, so good for you for making new connections! And the quality of the posts matters more than the frequency of the postings. Yours have always been great!


I think of life as art; we have to work at it. Soulful connections take time, finding the rhythm of our lives is a process. It is an art form, what we want more and less of defines us, shapes us, as we connect the dots to ourselves. Some of us connect to a full circle, others a star. Whatever the shape may be; it is our work of art~

I do understand the difficulty in creating these connections; I have moved so much in my married life. I love the thought provoking, cute baby pic! You look like you had it all figured out, plotting away your map of life~

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Why do you have to prove that you are living? You are a great woman;) you always do your best in a work weather it badly needed or what. "She's always been a girl full of hope" I wish i have a scrap like that to read and to inspired me a lot.

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