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October 13, 2011


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Melody M. Nunez

I'm so glad you're all enjoying your new home.Congrats on your positive switch! I look forward to seeing your projects. Having a room to work in can definitely boost productivity!

Lisa Super

Congratulations, that's exciting! A yard AND a craft room...It's the best of both worlds.


Well done for taking the step, it could have been easier to stay put, but you set the wheels in motion for getting what you truely desire when you take those small steps. Looking back I'm sure you couldn't imagine not living in the new place....blessings, Amanda

Shaunda Devins

Congratulations for making a great decision! I can practically feel your excitement. It seems you've got a line projects to be done on your new home. Well, I bet you'll have a lot of precious memories in it. Enjoy!

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