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December 04, 2009


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This Thrifted Life

Great scarf!

These kinds of posts are the ones that always make me want a sister. I love my one brother, but it would be so fun to have another female to pal around with. Sounds like you to have a fun relationship!


Having a sister is a blast, but growing up it was a total pain. I was totally the annoying little sister who followed her everywhere. I adore having a brother too though, even if we tortured him growing up :)

Kelly Snelling

so, so lovely. i have long believed that the sort of energy we put in the making of our creations imbues them with power, good or bad. be it food, a painting, a scarf or a piece of jewelry we give it a voice with our hands and thoughts. your sister is going to be getting one super love filled treasure this year!

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