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April 10, 2010


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Beautiful journal! I love how supportive Kira is... yay!

kelly rae

how cute is she???????


What a wonderful surprise! The gift of journaling is a gift that fills your life with warm, bright light. Yeah, I remember that feeling of being different as a kid, too. Wish someone had let me know I was not alone.


Such a wonderful gift!

I wanted to thank you for your letter to the readers of Artful Blogging's Feb/Mar/Apr 2010 issue. I love blogging; like gardening, it's a source of great joy for me. Being disabled with Psoriatic Arthritis means that my daily struggles are sometimes a part of my blog because they are part of who I am. I share both the good & the bad because it's all a part of me, who I am and my life. Thank you again for reminding everyone that regardless of what you put out there, each blog reflects the creator's heart.

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