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May 20, 2010


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Kate Courageous

Living: Friday, phone calls with new friends, reading good books, stepping out for an adventure now and again, really good Italian food (and wine!), fully receiving the love that is sent my way in whatever form it shows up, breathing through hearing difficult words, loving myself despite my mistakes.

Love this!


it's nice to have those days full of adventure. however, the daily moments that i live and enjoy are the ones that count.


Great post! I, like you, often feel the need to unplug and that's when the blog-life hurts. But it's all okay. For me, living involves surrounding myself with flowers (either from my own garden, or from the market.) I love seeing colorful, fresh, flowers near by. Their happiness is contagious! I love to have some of my favorite music around, reading a good book at night before bed, having a delicious dinner cooked by my husband and listening to my daughter's adventures or her funny jokes that never cease to make us laugh until our bellies hurt. That is the life


Taking breaths, laughing, doing absolutely nothing with my loved ones and having the best time doing it.

I love your blog. I'm having to tear myself away from it so I can get back to work!


I love this post. I so know what it means to need to UNPLUG - especially from the computer. I spend my days on computers as creative entrepreneur. mama sometimes it all I can do to un-plug. I swear I feel all that static wifi air waves, web noise and chatter vibrating inside. When unplugged, I breath deep again.

LIFE: Lavazza lattes in white rustic cups turn me on in the morning. Being still is like being active to me because there's no other thrill than connecting w/another via inspired conversation. Sitting at a table or lounging w/feather pillows in armless chairs are perfect spots to take flight. Where else can you travel to adventures of the heart, revisit the laughter of simpler times, honor the plights of struggles and celebrate the victories of dreams discovered, if not through inspiring conversation?


lately, living to me means being open to what each day has in store--and actually going along with the flow of it all without a complaint, worry, or concern about tomorrow. and yes, definitely for me too, sitting at home at night, curled on the couch with my honey and my doggie. that is definitely living.

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