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June 23, 2010


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is your next one going to be the watermelon salad!?! (because you know i want to see it ... and i haven't bugged you enough about it already.)

love your blog.



This salad looks great! I would've never thought to put eggs on top of a salad, genius! And I LOVE goat cheese, I really need to find some around where I live!

Stephanie Bolton

I LOVE farmer's co-op delivery thingys!!! I have this ridiculous problem deciding on what to cook (I possibly spend all my creative energy on my artwork and have none left over for the kitchen) - going to a store filled with tons of options is absolutely no help at all- I love just picking up my box and figuring out what to do with what they give me.... and it feels good to be supporting local farmers & families who take the time to grow/cultivate all organic, safe, grass-fed critters & whatnot.
I have gotten things in that box that I had no idea existed- but it was really a fun adventure trying new weird stuff, makes meal times exciting.

(just read your interview on KRR's e-course... if you are wondering who I am) :)

Louise Gale "Dream, Inspire, Create"

Hello, just popping over from Kelly Rae's flying lessons post.... your salad above has me craving poached eggs again! yummmmmo. I love the idea of the veggie box and supporting local farmers, we have a great little farmers market every Tuesday evening in the summer and I cant wait to start devising some fun recipes and concoctions myself. (oooh cant get the thought of thick oozing yummy poached egg over spinach and prosciutto out of my head now!) There's me off to make a salad. :-)


Hmmm, I don't think I've ever eaten poached eggs with salad before but I would sure love to try this - especially with spinach, prosciutto and goat cheese. Love them.

Juliette Crane

saying hello from flying lessons! thank you so much for being a guest in our class.

we do the same thing with our csa and then trader joes, but i am really inspired by your idea to get the rest at the farmer's market. i've been making green smoothies with all of the spinach and lettuce in our csa box, and it just gives me so much energy!

best wishes to you!

holly christine

hi:) i enjoyed your interview in flying lessons:) i totally wish there was a CSA nearby for me to sign up for!


Wow! I was exactly the same way when I was a kiddo. But I think...I might have loved veggies if only my mother didn't cook them into a fine mush. That was the problem--overcooked veggies is like eating green slime. Now--I'm just like you--adore my veggies, and lucky for us, my honey manages a farmers market.

So life is good...isn't it?!?!

Big hugs!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy

Ah, we too were just at our local farmers market and by the end of the weekend had devoured a whole basket of strawberries...yum:D. In our house, it's 2 non-meat eaters and 4 rabbits so we go through ALOT of veg every week, we're trying more and more to buy organic and find that it's too expensive to do our whole diet this way, but we do what we can...and indeed buy local when we can:D....looks like a delicious salad, minus the meat:D


I'm here visiting from Flying Lessons and this post warms my heart as the disheartened mother of a 7 y.o. boy who is rather picky. Although there is a small rotation of veggies I can serve, salad is totally off limits. The fact that he hates tomatoes just about slays my Sicilian heart. There IS hope, there must be hope.


mmmm I just had a poached egg, but by itself. This post gives me a good idea for next time!


The Farmer's Market has helped me, learn to love veggies. My Mom was the type that dyed my potato blue, so I would eat it.

I have tried to instill growing veggies, preparing, and cooking, to enable my children to love them. It has worked somewhat...

Your salad looks amazing; can't wait to see what else you will share~

Laura Bray

We shop local as well. It's a challenge, but a fun one. Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? It's a great book!

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