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August 11, 2010


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It's a courage I don't have yet: to cover again and again. I love your artwork.


PSYCHIC! I am writing about you on my blog right now, and came here to get your url! :)


P.S. It was lovely to create alongside you!


we are on the verge of spring in New Zealand and these colours so remind me that it is just around the corner!

Pat Langley

Yes, yes, I know what you mean about the white paint!! Now I know to call it a process, instead of a mess!! Thank you, it is good to know I'm just processing. :>)


love that painting!!
so glad kelly mentioned your blog link. when i was working on my article i tried to find you out here in blogland...
have a super day xo

vicki Boster

What a lovely piece of art Christine. It really is amazing how you can begin a project and not know where you are going - and the result be so beautiful. I love how the things that we create seen to evolve. You should be very proud of this masterpiece"! LOVE the color!



I envy you being able to have the courage to cover up your paintings. The only time I do that is when I absolutely hate what I made. :) But, I can totally see how liberating it must be to just cover up everything you just created. I hope to try it someday. Btw it looks wonderful!

soraya nulliah

Dear Christine-I just came across your blog and ...you are absolutely correct! It is all about the process, the journey. I cover up pieces of my paintings too. You just never know where things are going to go...how they are going to turn out and I guess that is the mystery and beauty of it all (in art as well as in life). P.S. I love your colors BTW-very summery and soothing.


I love the idea of letting the art flow; Instead of a zen sand garden, you have a zen paint garden. You can let ideas and images emerge, when you are ready or cover them and begin again! I might try this...I love the colors! It looks like summer to me; green is such a fresh, healing color!

gilding lilies

Totally beautiful, I can see why you hesitate to cover any of it's current beauty.


I love the look of this piece...what about taking photos of it, to use in your art, before you change it! It is very beautiful~


i decided to make christine's "be brave" my goal earlier this year. i've been working in a smaller scale because a bigger surface has been a bit frightening. i am jumping in with both feet.....with courage. i enjoyed seeing your painting.


You know, I notice I do the same thing too....but usually with my life.


BIG HUGS Christino! I think your paintings are gorgeous!


The process - that's SO true! With a new daughter I have been inspired to try my hand at sewing her an outfit for fall. Not just any outfit but a dress with a smocked insert. Of course I have never smocked a stitch in my life but with help from YouTube videos I am determined to prevail! Until then, our dining room table has been transformed into my sewing room. We have to find other places to eat until my project is finished. Hopefully as we journey through this PROCESS the inconveniences will transform into humorous memories. ie. remember when every chair in the dining room was covered with fabric, ribbons and rickrack and we had to go out to dinner everynight until her dress was finished! THANK YOU Christen for pointing out the joy in THE PROCESS!

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