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January 18, 2012


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Dewey Setlak

My dad owns a pre-loved Chevy car, which we got from a friend at bargain price. We didn't even have to do repairs when we purchased it. Now I'm planning to buy him a new car for his birthday as a way of thanking him for always being there for me. Our parents are the best people we can rely on in times of need. :) I'm so thankful that I have them.

Lisa Super

I too have been gifted with parents that have been in love for 40 years. It would be exhausting to list the ways in which they've been an example to me and anyone else they've ever known. It sounds a little funny but aren't you proud of them? I know I am of my two goof balls :)

How sweet that it's finally Mama's turn. I'd be so giddy after all those years you'd likely find me doing donuts in the Safeway parking lot after dark.

Linda Breshears

Your parents sound like a true gift.


wonderful. just plain wonderful.

Kerrie More

What a beautiful tribute! Loved the story and hope your mom enjoys her new car for years to come! (I too get emotional when reflecting on my parents and their unconditional love and sacrifices.) Best wishes!


I love this, all they have shared and struggled together! YOU are so right, it isn't about the car~ It is about being selfless and in love! So glad you shared, it is a wonderful tribute to their story!


Thanks for the tears... they made me think. And be grateful.

Carson Wininger

Your dad is one dedicated and praiseworthy man - a man whose virtues are steadfast and has a faithfulness that just won't wither. That car is, indeed, the symbol of the love and patience your parents have for each other. It is time to return the favor, don't you think? Give your dad a gift. A new van, perhaps?

Stelle Courney

Wow, your parents are deeply, madly in love with each other! It's quite precious to have someone you want to truly be with for the rest of your life. And your dad is admirable, not only for the plans that he laid for your family, but also for seeing it through for the rest of his life. Your mom deserves that car. :)


I'm crying... I can relate unfortunately my mother didn't marry a man who made sacrifices for others... I am so happy for your mom!!

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Aww. Hearing your story made me realize that true love does exist. Your parents have it. They were never selfish, and they even sacrificed a lot just to see the people they care about happy. Yes, your mom deserves every bit of her new car. This time, it’s her moment to be happy. Your dad loves her so much. :)

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