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April 02, 2012


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I love this painting! Good for you for sharing! When are we gonna start our canvas trade?

This is awesome.

Amy @ Strands of Sunshine

Your painting is so sweet & quirky! I like the colors and flow, definitely getting a plant vibe which makes sense with it's title. It's human nature to be worried about others judging our work. Hope you feel the reward of putting yourself out there!


I want to paint like this! It so describes what spring reflects to me. I think of rainbows, new growth, reaching towards the sun...beautiful!

Glad you were brave and shared! WE all feel this, but I would imagine you do have more pressure, than most~

I feel this way and need to share more art on my blog. I think of it as a reflection of my soul. And what if no one likes it? We can't all produce a Picasso every time, but sharing frees us. It is like watching a little seed that bursts open and reaches towards the sun! I see your soul is shining :D


It's beautiful! It reminds me of spring, too - peaceful and airy, yet bright and liberating.


hi there.
i am drawn to the boldness AND delicacy of this.
i also love working with ink like this.

and i know exactly about being all personal on your blog and yet sharing artwork is different. it's an extra step of vulnerability. i feel like i'm going naked or something. :)


What I see are the colors of your soul...

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