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April 23, 2012


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I do agree with this, we are all much more interesting people when we make time for ourselves, B is always much more interested in me when I am not available.

Unfortunately this usually mean me being out with friends, not spending time in the house doing things as it then looks like I am not paying him any attention.


This is definitely something I've been struggling with, and especially more so lately since I've started this new job (that I love with my whole heart).

I want to thank you for writing this, because this is exactly what I needed to hear. I've been feeling so ineffective lately and I'm pretty sure this is a big reason. I've not been making time for myself and it's starting to affect other areas of my life. Thank you for the reminder that carving out some time benefits not only me.


I struggle too on a daily basis... working full-time as an artist doesn't mean I always have time to do what I would love to! Maybe it's a particular design I have in mind (while I MUST focus on my deadlines and on the art I'm asked to produce), something that pops out in my heart and I'd love to make perceivable through painting, photography or whatever medium, a quote I'd love to fix on my journal together with my thoughts about it etc etc and making time for these things often means having to cope with my husband's desire to have me more with him. I cannot tell that my daily job isn't rewarding, as I am so lucky to do all day long what makes me tremendously happy, but doing it as profession means zero balance in other aspects of my life. If I want to update my blog, to write on my journal, to craft for any reason but for the sake of it, unfortunately this means I have to cut on something else (time with my spouse, for the house, etc.)- there aren't enough hours per day! This is a daily struggle, but I finally learnt through all the stories of so many kindred spirits out there, that I'm not alone, that I must NOT feel guilty and there's nothing wrong in carving out some 'me' time. My joy and relaxed attitude are for the benefit of my hubby too.


I too struggle with this! I know it is important, I know I am a better person, more calm at peace when I indulge. I find it difficult. Whenever my Muse appears, the Devil on the shoulder shows up, too. The Devil loves to taunt me: "Oh, look over here at this mess. This floor needs to washed, this needs to be done. You aren't going to come up with the next art fused activity...you should clean or exercise, not create." Lately, I am trying to listen to me and go with what sparks my attention. If the duty devil does call, I go and snap photos first, or go start a poem, or stamp a card. My Muse is happy and the dirt devil can wait! Oh,for the record, I like clean, but I'm not a neat freak. (I'm actually more on the messy side) ;D


It helps to know that others struggle with the desire to fit all of our passions into our life as well as our daily obligations. My mantra lately has been "Balance!" It's not always easy, but your comments are spot-on about the need to make time! Best wishes for balance and time in your life for the things you love most.

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